Waterfield Library Art Installation
Plan Proposal

Chief Designer: Robert Spees
Art and Design Coordinator: Evan Krupansky

Phase 1: Laying blue carpet on the sides and floor of the flower bed

Game plan: The flower bed will be measured precisely so the right amount of carpet is
purchased.  Then the carpet will be laid over the simply laid over the existing soil, and
adhered on the sides of the planter. 

Phase 2: Acquiring small, two-dimensional library-related objects

In the gaps between the structures, various library objects will be laid on the floor of the
flower bed.   Objects such as old card catalog papers, computer punch cards, and archaic
floppy discs are some of the things that will be sought after.

Phase 3: Adding pieces of custom cut plexiglas over the library objects

After all the library materials have been placed on the flower bed floor, several (around ten)
pieces of custom cut plexiglas will simply be laid over the objects.  This piece should be
slightly smaller than the floor itself.

Phase 4: Installing the melted record/magnetic tape structures

Game plan: Two record structures will be installed, one near the staircase’s banister base,
and one at the opposite end of the staircase.  The structures will consist of records, reel to
reel tape, cassette tape, and video tape.  The skeleton of the structures will consist of two
by fours and chicken wire.

Most of the construction of the structures will take place off-site.  This includes building the
skeletons, melting the records, and any painting.  Most of these materials have been acquired

The installation of the structures should be quick and painless; there should be a minimal amount
of adjusting on-site.

Once the structures are successfully installed, the permanent installation will be complete.

Three dimensional views: