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Rbt. Sps. interviews NYC artist Scott Hug for the Kentucky Voice,
August 2007

You manage a magazine/art group in New York City called K48. Can you describe it in a nutshell? What's happening as of yet?

K48 is an art fanzine with a soundtrack. Our readers are inside as well as outside of the art-sphere. Right now we're working on the next issue of K48 and it's really Sci-Fi. We have lots of rad people involved. 

What's the biggest myth about living in New York City that middle America has?

That it is Sodom and Gomorrah and we're all going to Hell.   

Clement Greenberg, Allen Ginsburg, or Debbie Gibson? Who is your favorite?

Debbie for sure.

Who is your favorite contemporary artist right now? Who is your favorite artist of all time? Why?

Richard Prince, Mike Kelly, Warhol and Duchamp are definitely up there.
I respect Warhol and Duchamp because of the overarching resonance of their work. As for Prince and Kelley I like them because, among other things, they understood that "lowbrow" popular culture is as legitimate a reference in art as any. The "Kitsch" that Greenberg would disapprove of. I think that goes for all of them in one way or another. 

Do you consider yourself just as much of a curator as you do an artist? Why or why not?

I consider K48 an art project.

Where do see your work going in the next year? Where do you see the New York art scene going in the next year?

I don't know.

What are you tired of?

Tired people.


.........for more on Scott Hug and his work, please visit k48rules.com