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Rbt. Sps. /// Artist Statement September 2005

For the last year and a half, my work has been a routine of experiments of non-objective imagery. Specific themes and ideas have changed, but at the basest level, all my work has been about shape and material. I have experimented with a wide range of formats and scale in this period, also. Conceptually, my most recent work has been about pairing down graffiti to its core elements. Simplifying this usually impromptu and anarchic style of art making, I hope to uncover just what makes this work “pop” in both in urban, but predominately rural enviroments.

Setting these ideas of graffiti on sort of a back burner, my work is now diving into more concrete and serious subject matter. For about six months, I have been making videos that document an array of real social situations around the areas of Western Kentucky and Tennessee. My main project, entitled “Apple Express”, a name taken from a generic Wal-Mart brand cereal, has been following the lives of one particular family. These experimental documentaries explore the happenings in a virtually parentless lower-class household in rural Tennessee.

My work this semester uses these videos as a catalyst to create a series of monoprints and a small edition of DVDs and CDs. The monoprints will specifically explore certain aspects of the people I have met and the objects they live with. The edition of DVDs and CDs will formally present the videos and sound recordings that I have collected in a theme similar to my monoprints.